How to remove photos from Photo Stream?

You may notice that if you navigate to Photo Stream in Photos in iOS 5 , you cannot delete any photo. How to remove the photos uploaded to Photo Stream ?

First of all , let’s learn what Photo Stream is.

Photo Stream , as a feature of iCloud , iOS 5 and Mac OS X , can backup all photos you saved in Camera Roll of iPhone to other computers / devices that installed iCloud . However , you cannot delete a single photo ; instead , you can only reset the Photo Stream .

Note before you reset : New photos will be added to Photo Stream as before , but old photos will not be in the newly reset-ed Photo Stream .

To reset Photo Stream in iOS 5 :

  1. open “Settings” > iCloud > Photo Stream
  2. select “Off” > confirm deleting photos by selecting “Delete all photos”
  3. re-enable Photo Stream by selecting “On”

To reset Photo Stream in iCloud :

  1. Go to , log in with your account
  2. Click the name which appears in top right corner
  3. Click “Advanced”
  4. Click “Reset Photo Stream” ( only 1 button , you won’t miss it )

Reset Photo Stream in Mac OS X ( in iPhoto ) :

  1. Launch iPhoto
  2. Go to Preferences > Photo Stream
  3. Untick “Enable Photo Stream”
  4. A warning will be popped up to tell you photos in Photo Stream will be erased . Click “Turn Off” to confirm
  5. To re-enable the Photo Stream, tick “Enable Photo Stream”

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