Monster Hunter is now in App Store

First Monster Hunter game in iPhone platform is now available in App Store at US$4.99 .

The well-known game, titled Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting, features 3 types of weapon, ‘Sword & Shield’, ‘Dual Sword’ and ‘Great Sword’. Also, 40+ weapons & 13 armors are available for forging ( forging needs items collected from boss ). Elements in original game title are preserved, such as dodging, breaking boss’ body parts, various status effects, items, achievements, etc. Boss is from Monster Hunter 2, instead of the latest version of Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 3 in PSP.

Also, the game supports multi-play via Bluetooth. Players can co-op to kill bosses. We recommend this game.

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Monster Hunter will be on iDevices in June

Monster Hunter will release its next version in iOS , iPhone & iPod Touch . The game title is called “Monster Hunter – Dynamic Hunting” ( モンスターハンター Dynamic Hunting ) and the game is in Japanese . It will be available in June 2011 . Here is the gameplay trailer :

Be sure to look into Famitsu’s link too !

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