MSDN Seminar 2011 in Hong Kong

I attended MSDN Seminar 2011 in Hong Kong last night. Around 100 IT guys attended the seminar; Microsoft had 3 speakers to speak in the event.

The seminar covered the following highlights:

  • Internet Explorer 9
    – Ryan from Microsoft emphasized the support & performance of IE9 on HTML5
    – Side-by-side compare IE9 and Google Chrome in Fish Bowl HTML5 benchmark in Internet Explorer Test Drive
    – Pin site function
    – Use Profiling tool in F12 Development Tool to diagnose which scripts spend resources most
  • WebMatrix – the free web development tool for Windows
    – Can be downloaded from official website
    – Finally released its RTM version
    – Ryan shows its easiness to use
  • Microsoft Surface 2.0
    – SDK is not ready yet ( will be ready in summer 2011 )
    – Introduced the specifications, e.g. 50-point multi-touch, recognition of MS  Tag, PixelSense, gesture detection with Vision System, etc.
    – future apps can be written in WPF + XNA + Silverlight
  • Kinect SDK updates
    – Kinect SDK will soon be launched
    – Highlighted Skeletal Tracking , and advanced audio capabilities such as voice recognition, position detection with 4-microphone array & beam formation
  • UI Coded Test in Visual Studio 2010
    – UI Coded Test can help web developers to learn which components use resource most
  • Next version of Windows Phone 7 Mango
    – Faster ( memory optimization )
    – Multitasking
    – Fast application resume user experience ( Application Resume UX )
    – Background notification ( e.g. alarm , reminders , etc )
    – Background transfer service ( <20MB uses 3G , >= 20MB uses Wi-Fi )
    – Background music ( HTML5 audio elements will bind with Zune to play music in background )
    – Support of accelerometer , gyroscope & compass
    – Support of PhotoCamera API and Silverlight 4 WebCam API in SDK
    – 16 more languages support
    – Will be released at the end of 2011
  • Release of free Microsoft Marketplace Tokens :)

Last , the event does not mention anything about Microsoft Azure .