How-to: add domain name to Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage is the storage service hosted by Microsoft hosted service. It can store unlimited files and the files can be distributed to worldwide easily via Content Delivery Network (CDN) at an affordable price. Microsoft will charge for few cents per GB and bandwidth usage.

Assuming you have already set up your Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, you first have to login your Microsoft Azure Management Portal ( ) . Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Hosting page (on left bottom corner) > Storage Accounts
  2. Select your storage
  3. Click “Add Domain” on the tool bar
  4. In the “Configure Custom Domain” toolbox, type your desired domain name, such as:
  5. After clicking “Configure” button, you will be told to add a CNAME record in your domain DNS server.
  6. Open your domain DNS server, or domain management page (depends on what domain hosting service you are using)
  7. Add the CNAME record as mentioned in step 5
  8. Wait 4-24 hours for DNS servers to propagate to worldwide root DNS servers
  9. You will notice that a new entry has been created in Storage Accounts page, named “Storage custom domain”, with status “Pending”
  10. Click “Validate domain” on the toolbar. If configuration is made successfully, no error will be shown and the status will change to “Allowed”

At this point, you can use your blob storage with your domain name, for example:
Original blob storage link:
Custom blob storage name:

How about CDN-enabled Blob Storage?

You can use custom domain name for CDN-enabled blob storage as well. Before performing step 3 – 10 above, you have to first enable CDN for your blob storage. Click “Enable CDN” on the toolbar. If you validated your custom domain for your CDN, a new record named “CDN custom domain” (with status Allowed) will appear in your Storage Accounts page, under for CDN-enabled blob storage.