Benchmark a website with ApacheBench

ApacheBench (only available in Linux & Mac OS) may come in handy when checking the site loading speed with a lot of requests. Here is the command:


[code]]czo2OlwiLW4gMTAwXCI7e1smKiZdfQ==[[/code] means we test for 100 requests, [code]]czo0OlwiLWMgNVwiO3tbJiomXX0=[[/code] means Concurrency level is set to 5.

The result should look similar as follow:


Here we have some useful information obtained, especially Requests per second & Transfer rate.

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Install PHP PECL HTTP module on Ubuntu 12 or 14

To install PECL HTTP module (pecl_http) on Ubuntu 12 or 14, here are the steps:

  1. SSH to your Ubuntu server

  2. Install the pre-requisites with the following commands:

sudo apt-get install pear
sudo apt-get install php-http
sudo apt-get install php5-dev
sudo apt-get install libcurl3
sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
  1. Set the php.ini path in configuration:
pear config-set php_ini /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
pecl config-set php_ini /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
  1. Install the PECL modules with the following commands:
sudo pecl install raphf 
sudo pecl install pecl_http-1.7.6
  1. Reload or restart Apache server to refresh the settings afterwards:
sudo service apache2 reload


sudo service apache2 restart

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iOS 8 GM Seed – Dead App List

iOS 8 Golden Master (GM Seed) is a lot better than previous beta builds. However, there are still a number of apps that is (almost) unusable:

Dead Apps:
– LINE: Random crash (temp fix: lock screen rotation)
– Ace Fishing: Random crash during launch
– Dropbox: Crash when exporting images to iPhone
– HK Callers: Corrupted layout, crash when import contacts
and all apps that summons UIPickerView by UIActionSheet: iOS 8 changed the UIActionSheet mechanism

Revived Apps:
– WhatsApp: finally can type “fi”, “ff”, etc
– Ingress
– Golden Harvest App
– Google Drive, Google Docs

Last Update: 17 Sept 2014

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Facebook office

Facebook Graph API v2.1 & Platform Policy Changes

Along with Graph API v2.1, Facebook made changes to its Platform Policy.

By November 5, 2014, all apps must not force friends to Like their associated Fans page(s) in order to gain access to the Facebook App:

You must not incentivize people to use social plugins or to like a Page. This includes offering rewards, or gating apps or app content based on whether or not a person has liked a Page. It remains acceptable to incentivize people to login to your app, checkin at a place or enter a promotion on your app’s Page. To ensure quality connections and help businesses reach the people who matter to them, we want people to like Pages because they want to connect and hear from the business, not because of artificial incentives. We believe this update will benefit people and advertisers alike.

Most of the Facebook Apps used for promotional purpose will be affected.

Another changes on Platform Policy is that if there is In-App Purchase in Facebook Apps, it must be mentioned in description:

Games which include mandatory or optional in-app charges must now disclose this in their app’s description, either on Facebook or other platforms it supports. This is to give people a clear indication that your game may charge people during gameplay.

Last but not the least, here is a quick summary of Facebook Graph API v2.1:

  • Pages are able to mention other Pages in posts published via the API. If you want to publish mentions of pages other than those managed by your app’s developers, you’ll need to submit for review by Facebook.
  • /friends edge on the User object now provides access to total friend count. This is retroactively supported in v2.0 as well.
  • The root node of v2.1 Graph API responses will always be a JSON object – rather than raw booleans, integers or strings.
    API v2.1 provides access to the data displayed in the new App Insights through a new ‘app_insights’ edge on the Application object.
  • Field expansion syntax is now more concise.
  • A new URL node makes it easier to access Open Graph and Share metadata for that URL.

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iOS 8 beta 5 dead App list

#iOS8 beta 5 has arrived.

As expected, not much surprising updates. Here is a summary:

  • Health App updated
  • Photos App will now tell you when is your last sync to iCloud
  • new iCloud icons
  • new feature: SMS Relay
  • new Wi-Fi calling icon in status bar
  • updated keyboard predictive mode toggle
  • wallpaper options updated, moved brightness toggle
  • bug fixes

However, there are still a lot of problems.
Here is a list of apps that crashed / died in iOS 8 beta 5:

Instant Messaging
– WhatsApp 2.11.8: still crash when “ff”, “fi” and some other key strokes appear in message (quick fix HERE)
– LINE 4.5.0: still random crash frequently
– Skype 5.2.1: Once online, crash
– HK Callers 2.1.0 (crash when import)
– YouTube App
– Ingress 1.56.3 ~ 1.57.1: crash at launch
– Ace Fishing 1.1.5: 90% chance crash at launch (fixed in beta 4, problem comes back in beta 5)
– Game of Wars – Fire Age : random crash

Apps with Minor Bugs
– Google+ (Camera Roll unable to fetch photos in phone)
– Clash of Clans (issue starts from beta 5, hang when connection is unstable)
– Boom Beach (issue starts from beta 5, hang when connection is unstable)

Fixed Apps
– Jurassic Park Builder
– Hong Kong MyObservatory 4.2.1
– Sina Weibo 4.4.0

Last Update: 22 Aug 2014

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iOS 8 beta WhatsApp temporary fix

In iOS 8 beta 3 & 4, WhatsApp will crash when received messages / sending messages containing “ff”, “tt”, “fi” (they are called Typographic Ligatures)

Here is a quick fix. We have to change the database of WhatsApp in your phone.

  1. Download iExplorer / iTools
  2. Connect your iDevice by USB cable
  3. Launch iExplorer / iTools, then in WhatsApp’s Documents folder, export a file called ChatStorage.sqlite
  4. Download SQLite Browser / Navicat for SQLite
  5. Open ChatStorage.sqlite, execute the following query:
set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'ff', 'f f')
where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%ff%';

set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fi', 'f i')
where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%fi%';

set ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fl', 'f l')
where ZWAMESSAGE.ZTEXT like '%fl%';

  SET ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'ff', 'f f')
  SET ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fi', 'f i')
  SET ZTEXT = replace( ZTEXT, 'fl', 'f l')

(remember to save your changes)

  1. Import the ChatStorage.sqlite back to original position via iTools / Navicat
  2. Kill WhatsApp and re-launch
  3. Crash will still happen, but it will be automatically fixed on next launch.

Hopefully WhatsApp will fix this bug soon.

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iOS8 beta : Good, Buggy & Dead Apps

Note: It’s a long list below; use Search function (Ctrl + F) in browser

Good Apps List : No issues at all
– Puzzle & Dragons
– Clash of Clans
– Boom Beach
– Assassin Creed: Pirates
– One Piece: Treasure Cruise
– Ace Fishing (crashes when launching in 1.1.3, fixed on 1.1.4)
– Candy Crush
Instant Messaging / Social Media
– Hangouts
– WeChat
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Facebook Messenger
– Pinterest
– Facebook Page Manager
– Skype
– LinkedIn
– Google+
– Instagram
– Messages (the built-in SMS App)
– Facetime
– Google Maps
– Health (new in iOS 8)
– 1Password
– AirPort Utility
– Safari
– Google Chrome
– Nike+ Running
To be categorized
– 5-0 Radio Pro
– Adventure To Fate
– Afterlight
– Alaska Airlines
– Aliens
– Amazon
– Amex
– Apple Native Bug Reporter App (yes…)
– Argus
– Armory (World of Warcraft app)
– Authenticator (World of Warcraft Authenticator App, Yes… 3.5″ layout & still working fine)
– Bank of America
– Barclaycard
– BBC iPlayer
– BBC News
– BBC Weather
– Beats Music
– Bejeweled Blitz
– BillGuard
– Box
– British Airways
– Capital One UK
– Carrot3
– Casts
– Chase Mobile Banking
– Chess with Friends
– Chordian
– Citymapper
– Codea
– Comic Zeal
– Convert
– Corkz
– Costa Coffee
– Cubasis
– Dark Sky
– Deliveries (By syncCloud)
– Digg
– Documents
– Drafts
– Dropbox
– eBay
– ecobee
– Ecoute
– Editorial
– Epocrates
– Facebook Paper
– Feedly
– Find iPhone
– FitBit
– Flappy Bird
– Flickr
– Flipboard
– Flow
– Foursquare
– Garmin Connect (including Bluetooth syncing of activities from a watch)
– Genius (RapGenius app)
– Gmail (including notifications!)
– GoComics
– Graph Paper
– Guardian News
– Heartstone
– Hilton
– HulloMail
– iBooks
– iSamJackson
– iStudiez Pro
– iTip
– Junos Pulse
– Kevo
– Kik
– Launch Center Pro
– LDS Gospel Library
– Lync 2013
– MapMyWalk+
– Marvin
– Mr Reeder
– myAT&T (some managed to pay their bills, others see crash at launch)
– National Express Coach
– Natwest Banking App
– Natwest Business Banking App
– Nest
– NetShade
– NewEgg
– NFL Mobile
– Nike fuelband (sync over Bluetooth requires deleting and reinstalling the app)
– Notability
– Noteshelf
– Office Mobile (iPhone)
– Omnifocus
– Opentable
– OWA (Microsoft Client for business exchange email)
– Pac-Man Monsters
– Pages
– Pandora
– Paper (facebook app)
– PayPal
– PazteUp
– PcCalc
– Pebble (works fine, just need to go into settings and check that Bluetooth LE is connected and that in Bluetooth check that notifications are enabled.)
– Plants vs Zombies 2
– Pocket Informant
– Pocket NoAgenda
– Podcasts
– ProFlowers
– Pulse
– RBS Banking App
– RD Client
– Rdio
– Reeder
– Reeder 2.0
– Regal (Regal Cinema App)
– Remind 101
– RemoteLink (Chevy Onstar App)
– RSA SecurID
– Santander UK Banking
– Sky+
– Sleep Cycle
– slice
– Snapseed
– Sonos
– SpeedTest
– Stackables
– Starbucks
– Strava
– Swarm
– Tapatalk
– Target
– Target cartwheel
– The Grint app
– Thermodo
– Threema
– TI-Nspire CAS
– Transit
– Truity (Truity Credit Union App)
– Tumblr
– Ultralingua
– United Airlines
– USAA Mobile
– Verse a Day
– Verto Studio
– Viber
– Vine
– VMWare Fusion
– VSCOcam
– Wells Fargo (crashes when you attempt to do a photo check deposit)
– WeatherBug ( some users reported cannot read 10-day forecast (text is same color as background) in b1)
– Withings
– Wolfram|Alpha
– Words With Friends
– Write-on Video
– Xbox Smartglass
– Simpsons Tapped Out
– Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
– Cookie Clicker
– World of Thingies
– WWE App (Including WWE Network stuff)
– Twitch
– Downcast
– iHeart Radio
– Farmville 2
– Denali Alaskan FCU
– Doctor Who: Legacy
– iStat
– Squarespace
– Fly Delta

Buggy Apps List : Layout issues
– Chain Chronicles (splash screen distorted)
– App Store (contents overlapping, stuck after changing account to App Store of different countries)
To be categorized
– Fidelity Mutual (works, but login information isn’t retained and it acts like every time you run the app it’s the first time)
– Writer Pro (I got a notice that iCloud won’t sync unless you’re using 10.10/iOS 8 on all devices though)
– Cabinet (I got a notice that iCloud won’t sync unless you’re using 10.10/iOS 8 on all devices though)
– Tweetbot 3 (1 user reported working on iphone (not pictures though). Others reported it crash (iphone5). Crashes on iPad)
Twitter (can’t turn off notifications or it crashes at every notification. crashes with emoji keyboard)
– kakaotalk (with glitches)
– Waze (renders the maps like non-retina, looks really bad)
– Spotify (radio stations are missing. tap the screen and one will play but you don’t see them. Have to guess in the dark)
Snapchat (logs out and force close ONLY WHEN taking a video. Receiving video and taking photos work as expected)
– OneDrive (can’t download/upload images though)
– Alien Blue (pop ups not working)

Dead Apps List : Crash frequently
Instant Messaging
– WhatsApp 2.11.8 (whenever the message has “ff”, “if” and some other key strokes, it crashes, quick fix HERE)
– Sina Weibo 4.4.0 (random crash during launch)
– LINE 4.5.0 (random crash when typing, unable to voice call – no sound)
– Ingress 1.56.3 (crashes when launching) – Ingress Twitter said they’re looking into the issue
– Jurassic Park Builder (sometimes stuck at login)
– Hong Kong MyObservatory 4.2.1 (random crash)
To be categorized
– Adobe Photoshop Touch (doesn’t load past splash screen)
– Amazon (app is buggy and some buttons refuse to be activated such as “Add to basket”)
– Animation Desk (UI is completely broken)
– AnyFont (has issues applying the certificates, probably just an iOS 8 issue that will be fixed in a bit)
– AT&T (some managed to pay their bills, others see crash at launch)
– Bejeweled
– BlackBerry Messenger BBM (crashes when bringing up keyboard)
– Camera+ (crashes AFTER taking a picture every time)
– CardStar (crashes when you click on the cards icon)
– Danske Bank (when logging in, the number keyboard doesnt properly show on screen)
– ESPN Sports Center
– Evernote
– Faithlife Study Bible
– Garmin Viago GPS app
– Golfshot GPS (crash randomly during the splash screen)
– Good for Enterprise
– Hike Messenger
– Hot or Not
– HSBC Business UK
– Infinity Blade (crashes at startup)
– Infinity Blade II (same as original)
– Infinity blade III
– iOOTP 15
– iPhoto (Replaced by photo app ?)
– LastPass (crashed upon entering master password)
– LinkedIn Pulse (crashes completely)
– LogTen Pro (doesn’t sync with iCloud)
– Musyc (having sound issues)
– Myfitnesspal (very frequent crashes)
– MyVerizon
– News Digest by Yahoo (no longer works. Immediately crashes after launch.)
– Newsify (crashes at startup) (reboot and/or remove & reinstall did not fix)
– Oceanhorn
– Pocket Casts
– PocketAgent (StateFarm App) (Crashes after it loads every time)
– QuizUp
– Runkeeper (audio and distance tracking issues)
– SketchBook Ink (crashes at startup)
– Solitaire (crashes when it becomes obvious there are only two moves left)
– Tado (app for central heating system like Nest)
– Team Viewer (though makes you enter your email/password in every time you load it, on both iPhone and iPad)
– Telldus mobile
– The Price Is Right Slots
– TiVo (like WeatherBug, several screens where text is same color as background)
– TripCase (Doesn’t work, just spins it’s wheels and never displays anything)
– UpTo (calendar app) (crashes every time)
– WIFI Calling (ios8 integrated) – (Not Working.)
– YouTube (iPad versions seems frustrating : videos don’t load, and when they do, it’s very low res. Very unstable. User input randomly blocked.)
– Zinio (cannot download content (network error message))
– Mail App (Apple) (crashes if reply all to a mail with an attachment)

Added list from:
Last Update: 28 July, 2014 with iOS 8 beta 4, iPhone 5s (A1530)

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Change Mac OS X Screenshot Location

To change the screenshot location of Mac OS X, you can execute this command in Terminal:

defaults write location /your_desired_path/

For example, if you want to save the screenshot in Documents, use this command:

defaults write location ~/Documents/

Then, you have to restart the UI Server by:

killall SystemUIServer

If you change your mind to revert to default settings, you can execute the following:

defaults write location ~/Desktop/
killall SystemUIServer

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